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The problem with other national "Hire A Pro" websites is that they include painters, carpet cleaners, massage therapists and other (so called) pros that you don't need. Also on these sites; beginners can bid, undercut pros and misrepresent to the consumer (you).

We specialize in professional headliners and DJs, period.

We also prescreen and make sure you're getting a true professional. If you're having a public concert or event, a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or private party; we will get you the best entertainer or DJ that your money can buy. This service is absolutely FREE!

All you do is fill out one form. We will then send you (up to) 4 professional entertainer or DJ profiles for you to review, choose and contact. That professional will take it from there, quote a price and close the deal based on your terms! Once again, this service is free to use!

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