How it works?

Real Professionals Help You Get Gigs!
We provide an agent that works for YOU!


Resources, platforms and hands-on support with *guaranteed results! It's a sweet suite!


We help you get your podcasts, shows and talent distributed with *guaranteed results!


We have access to over 30 job/gig engines, 1000's of listings and inform you what's available!


Our clients come to us to find talent like YOU! We make it easy for them to find you!


How we do it!

Clients Come To Us

We have a website for clients AND a website for public users to directly order your service.

  • Create short jingles or commericals.
  • Do voiceover or testimonials.
  • Market your podcast/radio content.
  • Offer DJ gigs to public or our clients!

Industry Professional Networking

DJs, podcasters, voiceover and music professional networking web portal.

DJCAA is a place to make connections, get gigs and make deals. For DJs, podcasters, musicians, radio stations, promoters and more. Premium Membership is a part of the Gignewton service!

Syndication and Distribution

A media files sharing website specifically for industry professionals. This includes radio stations, music platforms and much more!

  • Share you voiceover demos to clients.
  • Air talent share air checks to radio stations.
  • Musicians share song samples to producers.
  • Get your podcasts distributed and syndicated!

You can't do it alone!
Put us in your corner and watch what happens!


Get started now!

We're so confident on what we do, we're offering a HALF-OFF sign up deal! Sign up now and we'll get started on your project. Fill out the form and we'll review your talent/show/podcast then follow up with a path to move forward. It's all included in your membership!


* OUR GUARANTEE IS SIMPLE! We have a lot of resources, tools and support to get your talent distributed, syndicated and or monetized. You simply have to utilize all the platforms we make available. You just need to follow up on what we suggest and follow through on the instructions we provide. We'll be there all they way with you. We want you to succeed so we all succeed. If at anytime you feel this isn't for you, just cancel your membership and you will not have to pay for any remaining months AND you can keep the free bonuses. It's that simple.


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