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My name is Francisco, a bilingual ( English & Spanish ) voice over actor specializing in voice over for retail and auto commercials. I have recorded over 50 retail commercials just in 2019 for big brands such as Honda, Toyota, GMC, Dodge, and more! I have a unique modern sound that plays well in today's market - check out any one of my gigs!

REMEMBER! When hiring a voice over actor, you don’t just want any VO artist, you want someone that speaks to your SPECIFIC audience and really DELIVERS on YOUR message!

Requirements from user

Please send me your script/copy and any pertinent information I would need to know about your project.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries.

(Note: If this voice over is only being used on your social media or website but not being broadcasted via TV, Radio, or an Advertisement online, then you only need to purchase commercial rights.

If it will be broadcasted, then YES you must purchase full broadcast rights.)

I also offer translating services! Please check out my GIG for details.

Some Extras

  • I can also translate English to Spanish copy/script for $20 in 1 day
  • Commerical Rights for $25 in 1 day
  • Full broadcast Rights for $50 in 1 day
  • Super Fast I can deliver your voice over EXTRA FAST for $20 in 1 day