Welcome to my character voiceover gig!


I am Justin Straight, founder and CEO of Straight Pro VO.


My characters will always be believable and draw from all of my experiences in the world of creative narrative, animation, and video games.


I offer 100 words for $5 to ensure you receive the best product for your money without breaking the bank. I also includeHigh Quality WAV File with each purchase. Your project is important and I want it to be just as successful as you do.


What Can You Expect From Me:


  • Receive your script apply your direction and feedback to give you what you are seeking
  • Record in a treated studio with professional equipment
  • Give you a finished, HIGH-QUALITY file that has been edited and mastered

My initial proposal includes up to 200 words. 

Please note, these rights would not include commercial or broadcast rights for commercials or ads on paid channels like television, Facebook ads, website usage, and YouTube ads. 




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