How does Gignewton work?

Creators upload their files for podcasters and broadcasters to review.  If a broadcaster/podcaster wants the file, they can purchase and use for their program.  It's that simple.

What are the limits?

Podcasters/Broadcasters must abide by Gignewton's terms of use which are basic copyright terms.  In a nutshell, users cannot share any file for multiple use.  This means no reselling of content, no using files for multiple stations or podcasts without the written consent of author.  Most sound effects /  music files / shows; can be used for multiple use, unlimited use.  Make sure to review description on files for more details.  If unsure, simple contact author.

How can content creators prevent user abuse?

All file downloads record the IP address of user.  If creator feels his/her work is being abused, shared or resold; he/she can file a complaint.  Gignewton will review.  User will be banned along with license (for that file) will be revoked and other actions could be taken.

IMPORTANT!  Copyright Notice

All DJ shows, mixes and some music tracks DO NOT include licensing fees.  On-demand or downloadable podcasts cannot use these music tracks.  These shows and tracks are only available for live streaming radio stations that are paying licensing / royalty fees (i.e. Live365, etc).  Any other use of these music tracks are strictly prohibited and user can be / will be held liable for licensing fees, legal fees and all other costs.

DJs creating these mix shows must also provide song title, artist name, label info so that streaming radio stations can make sure licensing is paid to the appropriate artist.  Failure to do so will result in account being banned and mix shows being pulled.


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